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Our Latest... 

In our very first episode of our new series "Improv Under The Table" we are joined by "the nicest girl in the improv game", the hilarious Kristie Gunter, Student Services Coordinator at Second City. 

Drunken 90's Nostagia. 

Get into it, nerds.

Welcome to the first episode of Soda Pop Culture! This is a pop culture themed quiz show where the guest of the week fights for one prize: a can of refreshing Zevia. Watch as Adele and Kristy test Christian's knowledge of movies, tv, music, their childhood birthday presents and so on.

In this week's Tea & Crackas Kristy and Adele discuss the greatest rappers turned actors of our time. Kristy's dad loves Will Smith and Adele reminds the world that parents die. Classic tea time with the ladies. Thank you to our sponsors at Pippins Tea Company Inc. !

Zevia Happy Hour is a series where Adele & Kristy drink delicious Zevia cocktails and attempt to give advice to their viewers! The quality of the advice is debatable but the quality of the drinks is not. In this episode we tackle how to deal with a crush and drink a Zevia Mimosa!