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Plant Based Party

Together two best friends will endeavour to share awesome vegetarian recipes and nutrition tips that even the least kitchen literate will be able to implement. 

Meatless Mondays just got a whole lot more neurotic. 

Plant Based Party

Adele and Kristy tackle their greatest challenge their friendship has ever faced: cooking together.


The Pilot

Kristy LaPointe (Plant Based Kristy)  is a culinary nerd, has worked as a cook at several restaurants, camps and retreat centers and spends her spare time photographing food for instagram. Developing vegan recipes and exploring the culinary world is her jam. 

Adele Dicks  once mistook a bulb of garlic for an onion. Also she's friends with her delivery guys. 


In Plant Based Party Favours we show you quick healthy recipes, introduce you to weirdo vegan ingredients and struggle to keep our friendship alive despite our vast differences in culinary ability and inclination. 

Ever heard of tempeh? What is nooch and how does it make pasta delicious? Is coconut bacon really as tasty as regular bacon? How much kombucha is TOO MUCH kombucha? Will Kristy have a nervous breakdown when Adele doesn't know the difference between a coulis and a puree? 

                                                                                                                                                 ......only time will tell!