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Gilmore GirlProv

A monthly live improv show where we improvise a lost episode of Gilmore Girls, everyone's favourite fast talking mother/daughter show.  Gilmore Girls Improv - in Toronto. It's a thing

Kristy & Adele+ Gilmore Girls = True Love Forever. Their fandom has resulted in both a successful live improvised show where they play the Gilmore Girls and a spin-off joke band-within-a-band, The Hollow Stars, a 100% Gilmore Girls themed musical comedy duo. 

Gilmore Girlprov is a hit live cult comedy show that ran monthly for almost two years at Toronto's Comedy Bar. The second Monday of every month, 9pm at Comedy Bar! No longer a monthly show, Gilmore Girlprov still puts on performances from time to time when the fans demand it or they've had too much coffee*. 

Gilmore Girlprov was basically the culmination of all the work we'd been doing for the last five years. Once a month Hot Cousin, joined by some of the city's finest improvisors will create a never before seen episode with those crazy Gilmore Girls and the people they love. The show ran in Hot Cousin's permanent slot the second Monday of the month at Comedy Bar.  Gilmore Girls Improv...what will they think of next?

*We know there is obviously no thing as TOO much coffee. 


The Hollow Stars

The 100% Gilmore Girls themed band, The Hollow Stars, sing about that absentee father we all know and some love.
Another hit from the Hollow Stars about the boyfriend who never was, Marty.


June 2017 Show

Our 2017 summer edition will be our last one for a while. Come hang!

January 2017 Show!

Fan's Choice Show! 

September Show!

Our first stab at GGprov post Netflix revival! There were a LOT of feels to sort through.


September Show!

A VERY special edition of Gilmore Girlprov featuring Kevin & Demi of The Gilmore Guys Podcast! Vice came to film a video with us, the house was packed, and the energy was electric. Thanks to everyone who made this such a weird special Gilmore Girlprov and to the fans of both our show and the Gilmore Guys who made this happen! xoxo





Our final monthly show, meaning we're still doing these from time to time but working on some new stuff too, was a doozy. We had flowers and cupcakes and certificates and it truly felt like the last day of Kindergarten. 

Photo by the amazing Jen Ochej,

Photo by the amazing Jen Ochej,


Scott came back to the show on a visit home from LA! The amazing Ify Chiwetelu opened for us and Chelsea's trivia was on point. Such a fun penultimate show- Cat Milk, Latin Conferences, and Shakespeare in Luke's Diner. Just another normal night in (fake) Stars Hollow. Love you GGs.



No- Rory Edition! When a family wedding pulled Kristy away from us on our set show date, the cast went ahead and put up a GIlmore Girls themed improv show featuring absolutely no Rory. Insane. Also the immensely talented Stacey McGunnigle opened for us. Bam. 



A small cast and an insanely wacky show. We were joined by This Hour Has 22 Minute's Heidi Brander as our stand up and enjoyed the first ever appearance of April (who went by Kyle to stay subtle), and Emily Gilmore's complex thoughts on philanthropy. 



This is maybe our most ill-advised photo pose of all time. But we had fun and Ted Hambly made an AMAZING Tobin. We're so lucky to have such a talented group loveable weirdos. Also this was a Jess & Dean show which are always our favorites. 





Despite the picture, there were no puppets in this show at all. Logan and Paris and Marty and weird Yale times? Of course. Meg Mackay was our brilliant featured comic and the suggestions were out of this world. 




Welp, it's officially been a year. One year of Gilmore Girls, fan-driven shenanigans. We love you GGs so freaking much. We love our cast, our amazing host Chelsea, our tech extraordinaire Alanna, Amy Sherman Palladino. We gave away an authentic Luke's Diner apron, enjoyed stand-up from the appropriately named Courtney Gilmour, and had the time of our damn lives. Thanks to everyone who's supported the show thus far- see you next month. 



We had an incredibly fun show with new cast member Jonathan Hock as our first ever Marty, an appearance from Trix and stand-up from our lady love Jackie Pirico. Thanks for coming out and we can't wait to see you at our anniversary show next month!




The December show was weird and fun and full of holiday cheer. We can't wait for another year of GG goodness! Happy Holidays everyone. We had stand up from the hilarious Hoodo Hersi. 


We had our most packed house yet at this very fun and very weird edition of GGprov. So buy your tickets in advance next month nerds, you don't want to show up and miss out like a chump! Suffice to say the episode ended with all of Stars Hollow on a sugar cleanse and heavily addicted to cocaine. We are OUT OF CONTROL. Candice Gregoris opened and slayed as per usual, #snacksforgary.  




This month was crazy! We had two shows! One smaller show as part of the amazing Big City Improv Festival and the other on Thanksgiving day, because we're wacky like that! Tofurkey giveaways, Almond Milk drama and Kirk moving in with the Gilmore Girls were all things that happened. Carol Zoccoli, Brazil's actual comedy sweetheart opened for us on Thanksgiving which was surreal and great. We also made the papes, Ma! Our 2 page spread in the Toronto Star came out and we are never going to shut up about it. Read the whole article here!


This month was bonkers fun. The lovely Steph Kaliner opened with some killer stand-up, then we had a wild, wild episode, with one brand new cast member: the hilarious Ted Hambly. We also celebrated the return of Justine Garrett, just back from Europe in time to be our maniacal matriarch, Mrs. Emily Gilmore.


It was wacky, it was set in the weird world of season six and it was another super fun show! Thanks to all our regulars for coming out, and to the amazing Sara Hennessey for opening this show and taking this amazing cast picture! We shall never forget the weird fishy smell at Luke's Diner and Mitchum and Logan being waaaaay too close.



Our 6-monthiversary show was an effing success. We fed the cast celebratory cupcakes and the trivia prizes were 100 times better than usual. Thanks to the 1 million fans who came out and to Novella Mag for covering the show and giving us this awesome review. 





June 2015

Season 4. Pop Tarts. The loudest, screamiest fans we've ever heard shouting trivia over each other. We are so happy this show is such a hit and fun and in disbelief that we're still going strong. Love you dummies. 

May 2015

Hosted by Gilmore Girls Superfan, Ms. Suzi Marks, this month's show was a blast, with stand up from Ashley Moffatt fresh off her run at the Winnipeg Comedy festival. Season 7 brought us the world's dandiest Logan Huntzy!

April 2015

Season three, the introduction of new cast member Raul Delgado, and way, wayyy too manny poptarts and coffees. 

March 2015

Our second show was a ton of fun! We we're so stoked at the massive turnout and honoured to get a little press from She Does The City! Read their write up of us here!

February 2015

Our first ever show was a rousing success. Thank so much to everyone who came out to the show, we can't wait for next month! 

February 2015 Gilmore Girlprov

Adele Dicks
Kristy LaPointe
John Richardson
Linnea Currie-Roberts
Geoffrey Cork
Cassie Moes
Pete DeCourcy
Megan Fraser
Jessica Perkins
Michael Mongiardi

Hosted by Rachel Resnik and opening we had stand-up from the incredibly funny Caitlin Langelier. She's rad. 
At the Comedy Bar Mainstage, so we e basically made it you guys.